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Browse Stories. Who are the Baby Boomers? Baby Boomers are defined as According to Wikipedia, "The term "baby boomer" was coined by Landon Jones, in his book Great Expectations: America and the Baby Boom Generation, which defined the span of the baby-boom generation as extending from through For more on other generations, go to our generations menu. The returning soldiers from this war, unlike that of the later Vietnam War, were treated with respect and love.

While the men were away at war, many jobs that otherwise would have been taken by them were filled by women and minorities to meet the shortages and demands for war supplies and goods. The returning soldiers not only faced job shortages, but housing shortages as well. The GI bill was created out of necessity to bolster the economy, and provide a chance for these returning men to get educations, build houses and start families. The wheels were set in motion for one of the largest generations to that time in history, the baby boomers!

Reintegration into regular life following the war was not all smooth. As well as problems finding work, the family structure faced challenges.

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With the absence of their fathers, many children were what was considered, undisciplined, and the fathers would face difficulties re-initiating their fatherly status and figure in the household. The resentment of children towards these returning figures that they hardly knew, due to their absence for so many years, would further create hardships for returning fathers.

Many women who had discovered an independence while taking on the jobs of men during their absence, were now pulled back out of these positions and expected to take on the role of homemaker and housewife. This would no less create a gender conflict in American society. In the years that would follow, many social and cultural changes would in effect change the country and the face of society. Americans would look at life through different eyes for the first time in our country's history.

Some of the greatest music and performers would come out of the baby boomer generation. Many of the riffs and beats would set the stage and roots for music of today. Musical scores from movies of the times, such as "Moon River" by Henry Mancini are considered classics that are still very present in media of modern times.

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Novels such as "Peyton Place" would be considered scandalous, yet curiosity and intrigue would be the lure. Ironically, some things such as smoking, which is looked down upon in modern times, was a very acceptable lifestyle choice back then. Smoking was permitted in grocery stores, doctor offices, restaurants, the work place it would not be until the 's that smoking would become unacceptable in many public places.

All the way down to the simplicity and honesty of everyday life. Take 'counter checks' for instance; there were no credit cards, you would just walk into a department store or bank, grab a blank check and fill it out! It seems that to the generation prior, books, radio and newspapers were the 'media' of that time.

But with the baby boomers, came a time of new media. None would intrude into one's life as much as television did. No longer was one left to exist only in their small farm towns, hometowns or places they were raised. Instead, the world around them, the moon and all of their glory became this generations own to explore and experience. But along with any positive experiences came exposure to world events and happenings such as racial discrimination, hatred, violence and suffering that until this period in time had never been known to many people in their tiny dot on the map.

The number of births between and is numbered as 76 million. With this number came a generation of change that has left many with the freedoms and memories we all hold close today! Was it worth it? Baby Boomers - become a resource for younger generations! If you are a Baby Boomer and have a personal story, some wisdom, or even a sentence or two to share on current national events, please start participating on StageofLife. The thing about music that has always interested me is the way artists and musicians interact amongst each other.

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One musician may have rose out of that band, you see one name and it corresponds somehow with another…. Throughout time literature, writing and books have grasped the imagination, propelled us into other worlds and taken us on the greatest adventures of our lives! The baby boomers rose up out of a generation who along with radio, lived by their books. During the post war economy, which was a far cry from the depression era that most parents lived through, they set out to give their children the best of everything.

Thus, marketers and advertisers looked at children as important consumers as they found a way to satisfy their needs. The comic book industry achieved great success to baby boomers kids, especially boys. Readings would occur in such places as bookstores and bagel shops often accompanied by jazz. A common theme that linked them all together was a rejection of the prevailing American middle-class values, the purposelessness of modern society and the need for withdrawal and protest. Baby Boomers Do you remember these cultural and political events? April — The Bay Of Pigs.

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October - The Cuban missile crisis was a confrontation between the United States and Soviet Union who was secretly working inside Cuba to build bases with Cuba that would be home to nuclear missiles capable of striking within the continental US. July 2, - The passage of the Civil Rights Act Of which banned discrimination based on "race, color, religion, or national origin" in employment practices and public accommodations. The first Big Day Out was absolutely wild, and included Nirvana as a support act.

But it may never have happened at all if two men didn't get arrested. Low rates have led to rampant speculation and risk no longer matters, but if global rates are below zero and there is a "shock" how will central banks and governments respond, asks Ian Verrender. By Allyson Horn. ABC Riverland. Photo: Griffith Review's 'Millennials Strike Back' edition highlights some common millennial myths and challenges.

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