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Derek Caused Zombies. Infection Michonne Hawthorne Before Reanimation. Regina Monroe. Peter Anderson. Scavenger 2. Sandra and Scavenger 1. Alexandria Safe-Zone Soldiers. Patrick and Carlos. Rick Grimes Abraham. The Scavengers Indirectly Caused Zombies. Morgan Jones.

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Ron Anderson. Jessie Anderson. Douglas Monroe. Zombified - Jessie Anderson. Savior 2. Unnamed Savior. At Least 12 Unnamed Saviors. Savior 5 and Savior 9.

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Spencer Monroe. Rick Grimes. Paul Monroe Caused The Saviors. Savior 9 and 2 other unnamed Saviors. Shiva Ezekiel Aaron. Savior 17 and 1 unnamed Savior. The Militia and Paul Monroe. Many Unnamed Saviors. Many Kingdom Soldiers.

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Zombified - Kingdom Soldier. Zombified - Holly. Negan Gary Paul The Saviors. Savior Savior 14 and 1 unnamed Savior.

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Hilltop Colony. Denise Cloyd. Negan Caused. Kingdom Resident 1. Eugene Porter. Two Unnamed Saviors. Savior 4. At Least 18 Unnamed Saviors. Nicholas , Marcus , Richard , and Arnold. Michonne Hawthorne Hilltop Colony Soldiers. Unnamed Horse. Unnamed Hilltop Guard. Unnamed Whisperer. Two Unnamed Alexandria Patrolmen. The Whisperers. Andrea Grimes Michonne Hawthorne Dante. Tammy Rose. Rosita Espinosa. The evidence, according to some clever fans on Reddit , comes from the two promotional photos for Fear 's upcoming fourth season, depicting new character Naomi fighting off walkers:.

As the Redditors noticed, the walkers in these photos aren't wearing the contacts used on all of the show's zombies to give them a deadened expression, rather they all have their natural eye colour. And, secondly, look at the hands of the walkers. They look far less decayed than their faces — is it possible that these are Whisperers in disguise?

The only character on the show to have directly referenced the Whisperers thus far is Morgan Lennie James , who is making the jump from The Walking Dead to Fear later this season. The exact timeline of Fear 's fourth season is being kept back from fans for the time being, making it theoretically possible that any appearance in the prequel will set up the eventual arrival of the Whisperers to battle Rick and his crew on the main show down the line.

We'll have to tune in to find out! If Lydia can't deal with that, she should leave. And in fact, Alpha at one point asks Rick to do her a solid and bring her back to the Hilltop with him. Lydia is played in the series by Cassady McClincy. After the Hilltop returns Lydia and the Whisperers return Dante, everything should be squared away, right? Not so much. You see, Lydia was taken back to Hilltop originally When Lydia is returned to the Whisperers, Carl follows them back to their home, which is essentially just an open, empty field.

The Whisperers are very nomadic. If the show follows this storyline, then it's likely Carol's son, Henry, will be the young lad to fall for Lydia. Rick must go and rescue his son's dumb ass. A group of Whisperers intercepts Rick on the road and brings him back to meet with his son. Alpha uses the opportunity to show Rick a truly enormous herd of walkers that the Whisperers have gathered.

The First Encounters

Rick can have his son back and Lydia for that matter but Alpha makes it clear that that herd will be unleashed on Alexandria if the hostilities continue. The hostilities continue. Not from Rick's people but by the Whisperers. Before she met up with Rick, Alpha infiltrated a massive fair at Alexandria which the show has been teasing pretty consistently. While there, Alpha somehow managed to kill not one, not two, but TWELVE community members and place their heads on pikes a few miles outside the communities that represents an invisible border between the communities and the Whisperers.

Among the dead are Rosita and Ezekiel The show had quite a different lineup of heads on spikes. In fact, the only common head belonged to that of Tammy Rose Brett Butler. The rest of the heads include Enid, Tara, and Henry. Rick spends a few weeks trying to keep his people from engaging in another war but it soon becomes clear there will have to be another armed conflict. He charges Dwight with building a militia. Technically, there is actually a fourth Whisperer whose name is known. That's because, for like two glorious days, our old friend Negan becomes a Whisperer.

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While all this nonsense with the Whisperers is going down Lydia prisoner exchange, row of severed heads, etc. Then with all the hubbub of an approaching war, someone gets distracted and forgets to lock Negan's cage. Negan escapes and makes a beeline directly for the Whisperers. He is met by Beta, who hates him, and Alpha, who is intrigued by his chatty Negan says he just randomly came across them but is then forced to admit that he was looking for them specifically. He convinces them to let him join their merry little band.

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This leads to a truly whimsical "montage," if such a thing exists in comic books, where Negan lives the rustic life as a Whisperer. Everything is going well with Negan and the Whisperers until Negan commits the cardinal sin: he stops an attempted rape among the Whisperers.

Alpha and Beta are furious, as sexual violence is allowed and borderline encouraged in Whisperer culture. They're all beasts, remember? Alpha approaches Negan alone later that night to discuss her worldview further with him. Negan responds by slicing her throat open, decapitating her, and bringing her head back to Rick as a peace offering.

No fewer than 13 people have literally lost their heads at this point. Clearly, the only option left for both the Whisperers and Rick's survivors is war.