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Everyone seemed to love the design and feel of the first edition hardcover, so I wanted to bring back that level of quality.

But books are much more expensive to produce now and thousands of people have the edition, so it's a matter of determining the level of interest out there. All eras of the band, and all solo projects will be featured: "I've never played favorites with singers or side projects.

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I'm a guitar player, so I've always gathered information with a bias towards the music, not towards the politics of vocalists. You'll find exhaustive information on Dave, Sammy, Gary and every side project, no matter how brief.

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That includes, of course, information on the band's new album, 'A Different Kind of Truth. Sometimes it's the band themselves -- I've found a few mistakes -- or maybe mis-remembered stories -- from their latest video interviews -- that don't line up with the facts I've gathered. But sometimes, it's just blatant, self-serving stories that contradict eyewitnesses from people who wish history had gone a different way coughs Gene Simmons coughs.

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Alex, born Alexander Arthur, plays the drums. His younger brother Eddie, born Edward Lodewijk, performs on guitar.

Their life stage perfomances were dominated by the flamboyant, hypermasculine persona of frontman Roth and the innovative guitar playing of Eddie. He is generally considered to be one of the ten greatest rock guitarists of the world and by some to be second only to Jimi Hendrix.

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Alex van Halen photo: Neil Zlozower; published on: www. Their last gigs so far were in Japan in , where they performed in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka from June 18th until the 26th. However, this summer and autumn Van Halen will be on tour again. The fansite www.

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Over 80 million copies of their albums were sold all over the world, which makes Van Halen one of the best-selling bands of all time. In the band entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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Eddie was born in Amsterdam on May 5th and Eddie in Amsterdam on January 26th to professional clarinettist and saxophonist Jan van Halen and his wife Eugenie van Beers Her cradle stood in a little village called Rangkasbetoeng Rangkasbitung nowadays in the far western part of Java. This was the administrative centre of the district Lebak in the residency Bantam. Her father was of Italian descent, her mother was an Indonesian woman called Roebinem.