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What am I working on? I'm also working on a companion novella to my medieval historical romance ' Mistress Angel.

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I write about tender, realistic, developing relationships, set in the past. People in past times did fall in love and that's what I like to show. I also strive to show the non-noble, non-royal sides of history - how it felt to be a spear carrier, a slave, a medieval house-wife, a medieval hedge-witch or a serf. I write romance and adventure as do other writers in the historical romance genre, but these points: the celebration and evocation of the non-royal, the revelation of the true role of women, the way beliefs impacted on relationships, are, I think, what makes my work different.

I have always been fascinated by the medieval and ancient worlds. I like the 'epic' scope of the history and the great differences in beliefs between then and now.

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I enjoy transporting my readers back into the past with me and to take them on an exotic, exciting journey. I tend to start with a picture or scene in my head and often a snippet of conversation. That seemed apt, too, because of the medieval idea of the odor of sanctity—that the bodies of saints could give off a sweet perfume. I took that belief and developed it in a different way, so Yolande could also smell less saintly souls. From those initial ideas I usually work to a rough outline.

I jot down the stakes of the story and the romantic themes , conflicts and arcs I want to explore. Sometimes before I begin a scene I note down the time of day, weather, mood, what I want the scene to do in terms of moving the plot and the relationships forward. For my historicals I often find that the research will give me ideas that are relevant to the story.


My romantic suspense and historical mystery books are a little different in that I do plan those out in detail. Sometimes the setting itself can give me wonderful plot ideas.

Next week, on Monday November 25th , please visit the following authors to see their part of the Writing Process Blog Tour. Rose Anderson Rose is multi-published, award-winning author and dilettante who loves great conversation and learning interesting things to weave into stories.

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She lives with her family and small menagerie amid oak groves and prairie in the rolling glacial hills of America's upper mid-west. Linda Acaster. Her Historical novels include a Native American romance — she used to be a re-enactor — but her current love is for the pagan history of the British Isles.

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Linda's blog is here:. Jen Black. Jen Black writes historicals. Seven are published, four of them with online publishers and three through Amazon Kindle's self-publishing programme.

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The unicorn, too, has a part to play? The youngest of nine sons, Jesse is used to neglect and hand-me-downs. Becoming a knight through his own efforts, he encounters a beautiful, virtually naked stranger in the countryside above the farmlands of his old home. Who is she and how can he help her?

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Varm is compelled by the magic of a faery geas to remain in the high grasslands until she is rescued by a knight? But this dragon is no ravening beast, as knights soon discover if they offer Adela any insult. Amiable and truly chivalrous, Jesse is different. Through their encounters?

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