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Latest News. Augment your Civilian Career with Military training or choose a field with new challenges and adventures to broaden your horizon. Fight our Nation's Wars. The Dual-status of the Reserve Components allow Soldiers to serve Part-time while also standing ready to defend our Nation when called upon. You may also have opportunities to volunteer for deployments and mobilizations with the Reserve Component.

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Enter your search criteria and then submit. There are currently no active alerts at this time. Youths who have reached the age of 12 years and 6 months are eligible to apply for enrolment into the AAC. Once enrolled, they may remain as a cadet until the day before they attain the age of twenty years.

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A cadet in the AAC is not considered to be a member of the Australian Defence Force, nor are cadets allowed to be a member of the Defence Force or, other than in approved exceptional circumstances, any other cadet service during their time as a cadet. Research studies have shown that cadets have performed better than non-cadets in Australian Defence Force Training, and Two years later, a sergeant-major was appointed and muskets and carbines were purchased and an armoury and gunpowder store were opened at Newington College.

Training UK's Teenage Cadets for Combat: Rule Britannia (Part 2)

In , the universal training scheme was introduced, under the scheme all medically fit males 14—18 years of age had to serve in cadets. Boys who did not comply were charged and dealt with by the courts. Training cadets were divided into two groups. Senior cadets aged between 16—18 years of age were attached to Militia Units now known as Army Reserve Units , called Regimental Detachments, while students aged between 14—16 years of age remained as school cadets. Officers came from teaching staff and selected cadets were made "Cadet Lieutenants". In , the outbreak of World War II caused the Regimental Detachments to be disbanded as staff were needed to train soldiers for overseas service.

Some School Based Units closed down while some struggled on. Regimental Units continued to exist. At this time, there were 46, cadets in Australia. By , the ACC had 20, cadets. As a result of the Beazley Defence review white paper in , full military support was withdrawn from school based cadet units, now classed as Limited Support Units LSU.

Army Cadet League of Canada (Alberta)

Military support for LSUs was limited solely to the discretionary loan of equipment for Annual camps. Uniforms, transport, rations and personal equipment all had to be funded by the school, parents or community organisations such as the RSL.

How to Join Cadets

As a result, most government school based cadet units closed between and Some school based units in disadvantaged areas or located some distance from a military depot were given RCU status. Many RCUs attracted cadets from the nearby school based units recently closed down. By , however all cadet units again received full support.

Many cadet units were now re-equipped with DPCU uniforms replacing the older green uniforms.

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The AAC celebrated its centenary since the establishment of the Commonwealth Cadet Corps on 16 July , as opposed to the centenaries of individual units, with the Victorian Brigade holding a large parade to mark the event. Cadet Policy Branch previously known as Directorate Defence Force Cadets , whilst not being part of the official command structure provide services in policy development, tri-service activity and other projects.