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Hundreds of thousands of youths demonstrated across European cities on Friday in the second in a global series of protests to avert a climate catastrophe. This site uses cookies to assist with navigation, analyse your use of our services, and provide content from third parties. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. They give you a static picture with a question about it down below, and then you have to fix it.

There are all the controls for transducer, TGC's, etc Good luck to everyone!! Roger in Oakland, California.

I agree. Most of the questions can be answered just by knowing how to adjust your machine. Additionally, ESP's physics course is great to learn from. The work book, not textbook, is all you need to pass. I'm not near to what all of you have done on your prepartion to become a sonographer. I've reading and I just have a question. If you don't mind could you please let me know. I'm condsidering to go to school for that but I'm just doing some research. Sort of like how the American Medical Association gives a doctor the right to have MD behind his or her name.

I hope this answers your question. Most 2 year programs incorporate ultrasound physics into their program or atleast should as it is part of the education. LuvnPaige in Gardena, California. SM in Houston, Texas. How was it, and is there any additional material I need to study? For anyone, who has passed the SPI exam recently and can give me some good advice I would really appreciate it.

Thanks for your help in advanced. Huds in Mississauga, Ontario.

RAvi in Toronto, Ontario said: What affect spatial resolution? Dynamic range , beam width, system sentivity or dept of visualization.

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I would like to buy them.. I finished with almost an hour to spare. They are available on Amazon. Klee in Houston, Texas. Abdel in Macclenny, Florida. Have you already taken a specialty exam? I plan on taking Abdomen, and I' am in the process of getting study material for it. I tried to buy the ESP Abd review book but its so expensive.

Debbiesmn hotmail. I did not study off of any notes. I read my physics book many times and did the review questions on the back. That's it. Huda in Mississauga, Ontario. If you are still using the forum can you please send me the notes too. Email me but its not free. I assumed. First look at notes then we make a deal. Its not cheap as well. Payment via paypal which is save and secure and respect privacy as well. Thanks alot. Hi ,i am not trying to buy Notes from me.

I just want to show my notes a little bit and then you decide. My notes gives you a great asset for your whole career as well. Just email me and have a look. If not satisfied dont buy. I am preety sure you not like it you love it. Just email me ardmsseeker2hotmail.

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Thank you and have a good day. Ive noticed some of you have taken the new exam with the SIC and passed and was wondering if you can please give me any suggestions as to what to study? I am planning on taking the exam soon, was wondering what books would aide me in passing this exams questions and SIC?? Thank you in advance for any information you may provide to me. All I study from for my SPI was the edlemean review and x-zone. The test was a cake walk when compared to X-zone. Hi Im planing to take the spi exam in february, i am so scare cuz i took it before but i fail i got a Dee Dee in Toronto, Ontario.

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Hi I am preapering SPI I dont know is Burwin enough if somebody willing to help and sell materials have ideas pls let me know Thanks anagard13 yahoo. Dee Dee in Toronto, Ontario said: Hi..

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