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One such backup, known as the lunar library, was sent to the moon in a kind-of DVD containing as many as 20 million pages of human history as well as human DNA. Alongside the backup data, the researchers sent water bears to the moon.

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These animals are actually the first organisms that are able to survive in space. Therefore, they were the perfect candidate for the Arch Missions project.

There Are Thousands of Tardigrades on the Moon. Now What?

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Living on the Moon

To access this place, you have to go through an elevator with very small dimensions. At this altitude, you cannot move as you can [closer to sea level]. For instance, the ice in the glacier isn't pure but mixed with stone and sand, which would cause difficulties for the robotic saw, he said. Cameras inside the small building will record everyone who goes inside.

Later, using an algorithm to track the movements of researchers and visitors, Volkova will analyze how people tend to move around each other inside the habitat. The project managers and researchers hope that the IGLUNA experiments, while designed with space in mind, also demonstrate some useful ideas for Earth, such as using sustainable technologies.

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