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What can 1 Peter's use of Isaiah 53 tell us about the historical Jesus? How has 1 Peter conflated early Jesus traditions with those of ancient Judaism in order to develop certain ideas?

James, 1, 2 Peter and Jude

How does 2 Peter allude to Gospel traditions? Moreover, how does the author of 2 Peter use early Jesus traditions as a sort of testimony? The book is an important contribution to scholarship on source criticism, ancient rhetoric, and the influence of Hellenistic, Judean and Roman traditions on early Christianity. Batten and John S. Hartin 3.

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Allison, Jr. Batten 5. The challenge, however, is knowing where to start—or even being able to commit the time to learning these books beyond just a cursory reading.

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It can be overwhelming to navigate the current literature or commit the time to serious study. Peter H. Davids has been writing, researching, and teaching these books for years in numerous schools and churches around the world.

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Few people are more equipped to help you understand these books of the Bible. Learn more.

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What can we learn from these books? Who you gonna call? Not so fast. Peter saw all of Jesus' goodness with his own two eyes. Remember that time he went up to a mountain with Jesus and the boss started to sparkle like a vampire?

James & 1-2 Peter

All this great stuff that Peter's been telling the world about actually happened. Not to mention, he adds, that the Hebrew Bible totally predicted that how Jesus' life would go down.

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But just in case you're thinking that Peter is selectively interpreting the Bible—he's not. Those interpretations come straight from God. And yes, this is Peter talking about himself…super trustworthy!

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