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Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview This book delves into the mysteries and of hypnotic storytelling. The art of putting people under your spell, by simply weaving a story and covertly wrapping your listener around it. It has been widely believed by all the great hypnotics of the world that the art of storytelling is one of the most powerful hypnosis techniques to have ever been known to man.

Would you have ever thought a story could hold so much power? This book will start you off with the four basic steps of the hypnotic process, and then gently maneuver you through every other detail and technique that goes into the making of a master hypnotic storyteller. Grab your copy now so you can learn these secret techniques sooner; rather than later!

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    How to master hypnotic storytelling

    To where we all want to be. Feeling the wonderful emotions we all crave. Never wanting to let you out of their sight. Their participation is not needed. One that will leave them speechless, wondering who you are, and how they can get more of you.

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    For you, for your product, for your companionship. Use these in large groups, or one on one situations. Use these at the bar, on the first date, anytime you can talk and they can listen. This will teach you all the techniques, theories, powerful vocal patterns and secret gestures that will turn you into a storytelling powerhouse, capable of moving people on deep emotional levels. There are even six fully written stories, with complete delivery instructions including the powerful vocal techniques and secret gestures that you can use anywhere.

    Using Stories to Embed Commands

    Each session contains over positive statements, all being spoken by voices at once. Because they are augmented with theta brainwave eliciting technology, they pass straight into your deep subconscious mind, reprogramming your thinking on a deep and permanent level. In addition to all the voices, the statements are spoken in first and second person I and you as well as male and female voices. This is to obliterate those negative beliefs with as much mental firepower as possible, as well as flood your subconscious with powerfully enhancing positive beliefs.

    Hypnotic Storytelling

    These target the layer just where the subconscious and conscious mind merge as one. They are also backed by theta brainwave inducing sounds, which allow your mind to be completely open to new ideas. If you pay close attention, you can be able to understand what they are saying. And if you relax, you can simply let these slip into your subconscious. These will be planted like seeds, in your memory, just on the border between your conscious and unconscious mind.

    So when you are in any situation where you need motivation, confidence, creativity or any other quality to help you spin stories like a hypnotic master of influence, you will have a conscious memory of not only these voices, but the strong positive feelings they naturally create. Like your own cheerleading team, always there with you, always supporting you, and always helping you remember you best self, in all situations.

    These also contain four voices, two male and two female. But they are accompanied by gamma inducing sounds, which will elicit extremely high brainwaves. These will awaken your higher mind and bring you to a completely new intuitive level understanding of yourself and the world around you.

    Delivery of Embedded Commands

    These sessions can be used while actually rehearsing, writing, or telling stories. These will give you an incredible boost of confidence, motivation, inspiration, creativity or whatever else you need. These are also excellent to listen to while doing any journaling exercises. Each of these three types of mind programming has seven different themes each, totaling twenty one separate sessions.

    Unleash your inner performer and tell stories like a pro. Learn how to use your gestures, facial expressions and tonality to their fullest extent to deliver a powerful set of stories filled with a wide variety of wonderful emotions. Learn to take the simple experiences from your past and turn them into epic tales of adventure. Take a few of these stories and map them to some of the most famous fables, historical events, and metaphors that have ever been created. See our disclaimer. After each tale some ideas are shared on the key points along with some personal coaching tips.

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