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Crystal Unicorns: Innocence is so very fragile

The failure of electric power after dinner — previsioning the black out of the world — leads to Amanda's joking question "Where was Moses when the lights went off"? This suggests another Savior who would lead his people from the desert into the promised land, but the answer to her question is "In the dark". Jim's attempt to play the modern Savior is an abysmal failure. In the after-dinner scene, he offers Laura the sacrament — wine and 'life- savers', in this case — and a Dale Carnegie Version of the Sermon on the Mount — self-help rather than divine help — but to no avail However the part played by the unicorn in the pattern of religious symbolism that pervades the play and particularly in the symbolic characterization of Jim, escaped Stein's critical attention.

The peculiar glass figurine grows to prominence only in the last scene Scene VII the interview scene between Laura and Jim. Thus far in the play, it had been only an undistinguished part of the glass menagerie, Laura's fragile refuge against the unbearable tension of the outside world. In the course of the interview the small animal comes to be connected with both Laura and Jim. This double association points to its twofold symbolic meaning. When Laura designates the unicorn to Jim's attention as the figurine dearest to her, she also points to the horn on its forehead and admits that his singularity may make him feel lonesome and certainly makes him unfit for life in a world tending to reduce living creatures to "one interfused mass of automatism".

Her warning to Jim "Oh, be careful — if you breathe, it breaks! The unicorn is thus perhaps more appropriately than the glass collection as a whole, a perfect symbol for Laura since, to the overtones of fragility and delicate beauty of all the glass figurines, it adds those of uniqueness and, as a consequence almost, of freakishness. Jim however is not captivated by Laura's fable about her animals.

To draw her away from her morbid fascination and palliate the lack of conversation, he invites her to "cut the rug a little" at the sound of a waltz coming from the Paradise Dance Hall. Jim thus lures Laura out of the dream-like universe of which the unicorn is the centre, away from her reverie and invites her to move with. As Jim swings Laura into motion, they hit the little table and the unicorn falls to the floor ; his little horn is broken off his head. As a figurine epitomizing the glass menagerie, i. Laura's possibility of escaping into an unreal world of glass, and as a symbol of Laura herself, the unicorn breaks, aptly it would seem, at the moment when the girl emerges from the world of her lifeless companions and transfers the refuge overtones connected with it onto the person of Jim.

The breaking of the unicorn marks the capital turning point in Laura's life when the flickering, immature world of glass toys loses its attractiveness in her eyes and she feels rising in her, the desire to disregard her freakishness, to dance like all the others, to belong to the world of the adults. The event symbolizes a kind of emotional defloration, the girl's irreversible loss of childlike innocence, the unavoidable mutilation that Williams sees as necessarily accompanying the process of growing up.

Laura's reaction to the accident however reveals that she is less concerned about what she has lost than about what she vaguely senses might be a gain :. It's no tragedy. Glass breaks so easily. No matter how careful you are. The traffic jars the shelves and things fall off them I'll just imagine he had an operation. The horn was removed to make him feel less — freakish!

They both laugh. Now he will feel more at home with the other horses, the ones that don't have horns Her surprisingly mild comment obliquely states her deep-seated desire to "feel more at home with the others". Excited at the perspective of being able to identify with the Paradise Dance Hall dwellers — she is "laughing breathlessly" a moment before the incident — Laura does not reproach Jim with clumsiness but, instead, indirectly expresses her gratitude for ending the era of the lonely freak. However the expression of her gratitude is qualified by her equating of Jim's effect on the unicorn with that of the heavy traffic outside.

Jim is then obliquely identified with the hubbub outside and thus haloed with the destructive overtones always associated with trucks and lorries in Tennessee Williams's symbolic world. In this speech by Laura, Williams thus masterfully manages to maintain the ambiguous value of Jim at a crucial moment in the girl's life : a potential saviour on the one hand, he is also her possible destroyer. Now that he has charmed her away from her lifeless friends, Jim, the apprentice psychiatrist, imagines a shortcut that would miraculously make Laura come to real life :. The new breath Jim wants to inspire Laura with is, in his opinion, that which will make her capable of living in his world.

However the warning of Laura about her favourite glass animal — "Oh, be careful — if you breathe, it breaks"! The revelation of the world of physical intimacy unleashes in Laura a store of hidden feelings whose intensity is conveyed through her changing expression and prolonged silence : as he releases her, "she sinks on the sofa with a bright, dazed look" ; after a moment, when he addresses her, "she looks up, smiling, not hearing the question" ; as he offers her a piece of candy "she doesn't seem to hear him but her look grows brighter even".

As the cruel revelation dawns upon her that after taking her away from her enchanted sphere, Jim cannot take her any further into the world of crude reality, Laura is literally thrown off balance by the violent contrast between her expectations and her experience : "Laura sways slightly forward and grips the arm of the sofa Leaning stiffly forward, clutching the arm of the sofa, Laura struggles visibly with her storm There is a look of almost infinite desolation".

After a pause of crushing despair,Laura "opens her hand again on the broken glass ornament. Then she gently takes his hand and raises it level with her own. She carefully places the unicorn in the palm of his hand, then pushes his fingers closed upon it". What Jim thus takes with him is the symbol of Laura's shortlived hopes, a souvenir of the normal girl he aroused in her for too brief a moment.

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Giving up the broken unicorn, Laura obliquely gives up all hope of ever being the normal girl it now represents, all desire of ever realising in the outside world the deeper yearnings Jim has laid bare in her. Immediately after surrendering the mutilated glass figurine, Laura retreats to the only refuge still available : "she rises unsteadily and crouches beside the victrola to wind it up". Turning then to the connection of Jim with the unicorn, it is important to remember first of all that although Christian allusions are not absent from the short-story they are by no means as numerous there as in the play.

The many Christian touches which Stein's article exhaustively pointed out were thus introduced when Williams was in the process of transforming the short story into the play. That is also when the unicorn is introduced as a prominent figure of the collection of glass animals. It is thus legitimate from the outset, to consider that it too belongs to the elements of the Christian pattern. Moreover, disregarding for a moment the texts themselves, we may recall that the unicorn is a traditional, time-honoured Christian symbol, usually representing purity.

It is a frequent subject of Christian iconography and is often represented leading the cohort of pure animals as opposed to the serpent, leader of the impure animals. The first fathers of the Church sometimes equate it with Christ himself and the Annunciation is sometimes graphically represented by a unicorn leaping into Mary's womb. In the light of this traditional symbolism, Jim's instrumental role in the disfigurement of the unicorn is obviously a decisive denial of his Messiah overtones. What he ultimately takes with him is as much a souvenir of Laura as the broken emblem of the Saviour which he now becomes identified with.

For Laura, the unicorn breaks, symptomatically, as the tinsel Paradise across the alley is haloed with deceptive "Salvation" overtones the deceptive rainbows? When those fade away with Jim's hasty departure Laura is left with a void, an emptiness, a darkness. Far from being the Saviour in Laura's life, Jim is an ugly caricature of it ; instead of illuminating her life with a message of love, he leaves her in the dark. The fragile girl in glass is irremediably shattered for having mistaken a callous representative of the outside world for her Messiah.

The blackout at the end of the play underlines this thoroughly pessimistic outcome. It announces the blackout of war which is about to envelop the world of the late 's. It is also, as Stein notices "the denial of any 'Rise and Shine' for these frail creatures. The church has been struck by lightning and, we would add, the symbol of the Saviour broken and all hope of resurrection has been lost in this damned universe where belief turns into metaphor, where man seems abandoned by his God, and where the echoes of prayer are heard only in blasphemy or irony. Under the surface of the social melodrama that Mr.

Pavlov sees in The Glass Menagerie thus lurks a play which reaches beyond the historical circumstances. It reveals a playwright whose interest in and depiction of social realities has never been more than occasional but whose metaphysical preoccupations, revealed as early as Battle of Angels , have claimed a steadily increasing place in his work.

Pavlov's partial emphasis might have been illuminating if he had simultaneously provided a stimulating insight into the play's full complexity by relating the aspect he has chosen to emphasize to the totality of the play. The Glass Menagerie as "a social melodrama" simply does not exist. Williams's The Glass Menagerie is another play, touching the position of man in a complex universe and the tensions engendered by this existential predicament.

For having failed to recognize that The Glass Menagerie was as "considerably delicate or tenuous" in its balanced beauty as the little unicorn on its shelf, Mr. Pavlov turned into a new Jim O'Connor. In the disfigured work that emerges from his attempt "to analyse" and "to compare" it is impossible to recognize Williams's atmospheric, minor masterpiece. Gilbert Debusscher. Aspirant F. James L. Such a study should take into account the playwright's later declaration about the surroundings and never lose sight, as Mr. Pavlov tends to do, that the whole work is an expressionistic distortion of events by a Narrator who is not an entirely objective hence not a completely reliable character.

Instead he wanted them to "give accent to certain values Pavlov has obviously done a hasty job. At one point he blames Williams for having carried over a word from the short story into the play where, according to him, it becomes irrelevant : "Throughout the play there is only one single reference to the word 'freckles' applied to Jim O'Connor Scene VII.

The word somehow hangs in mid-air because it is not integrated into the idea behind the gentleman caller as it is in the short story" The critic has obviously overlooked the comic scene ScV in which Tom announces to Amanda the visit of his fellow-workman and meets her anxious questions about his physique with the ironical retort "No he's not too good-looking. He's covered with freckles and hasn't too much of a nose".

That Laura would then address Jim as "Freckles" does not, as in the short story connect the gentleman caller with a fairy-tale hero but establishes the degree of familiarity she feels free to adopt with him.

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It is an indication of her growing confidence in the visitor and a measure of the increasing intimacy of their relation. As such the word announces the emotional climax that follows shortly and contributes efficiently to heighten the poignancy of Laura's ultimate loss. Pavlov's "comparison" strangely fails to comment on a most conspicious difference between the two pieces, that between the two titles.

It is intriguing in this respect to notice that the very word "menagerie" is absent from the text of the short story! The man and his Work, New York, , p.

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Tennessee Williams's Unicorn broken again [article] Gilbert Debusscher. Pavlov's article that his misconception is 3 G. His comment on the description of the late 30's illustrates his characteristic method of twisting the work out of shape to fit his preconceived views : "That was a time of profound social and political upheaval in the bourgeois world.

The context in which the quoted passage appears runs as follows : In Spain there was revolution. Strengthens family connections. Healing — Brings peace to a troubled mind. Heals the pain of an unhappy childhood. Clears energy blockages, fluid retention, vein and capillary problems. Absorbs pain when placed on the point of the pain. Agate Water Enhydro Crystal which contains fluid. The fluid is very old and quite pure. This brings empathy, acceptance and helps you to adopt to change without stress. Enhances determination and accelerates metamorphosis of self. Healing — Assists the body to make the changes needed for health.

It helps other crystals to work. Treats conditions related to the degrading of tissues and organs. Harmonises the environment and encourages open and honest communication. Brings joy and renews your passion for life. Healing — Heart, all muscles, tissues, thymus and skin problems. Filters information through mind into your intuition, very soothing stone, calms the mind and nervous system. Helps you to see both sides of a problem. Alleviates worry and fear. Dissipates negative energy and blockages of the nervous system.

Relieves muscle spasms. Brings stability to life. Warm and bright it encourages spontaneity. Clears depression and enhances creativity. Brings balance and patience enabling you to make positive decisions. Healing — Brings vitality, absorbs pain, allowing the body to heal itself.

Treats Kidneys, spleen, bladder and liver. Amethyst Strong healing and cleansing powers. Helps to overcome addictions and blockages of all kinds. Aids sleep. Dispels all negative emotions and brings positive responses. Healing — Cleanses blood, immune system, skin conditions, cellular disorders, fine tunes metabolism and endocrine system. Amethyst Pineapples Looking like turrets of a castle, this stone helps us to reconnect with our childlike qualities by stimulating the imagination.

Powerful healer for the family. It will bring together your Spiritual self with your physical body. Read Amethyst and Hematite, as these are joined in this beautiful crystal. Ametrine Powerful combination of Amethyst and Citrine. It is fast and effective especially for long standing illness. Clears tension and calms the mind. Enhances acceptance of oneself and others. Releases blockages making room for new experiences. Healing — Powerful cleanser for Aura, toxins and blood.

Stabilises DNA and oxygenates the body. Converts negative energy into a gently flowing positive spiral. It is called the seven colour prosperity stone. It stimulates the flow of Qi life force through the body. Healing — Overall well-being and longevity, cell metabolism, depression, labour pain, otitis and tinnitus. Stabilises pulse, supports the cranium, inner ear, lungs and limbs. Ammonite Sea Animal — Shell of Aradonite Help you to see the whole picture from the beginning to the end.

Good for architects. A protective stone, gives stability and structure. Encourages our survival instinct. Good for the process of re-birthing. Linked to Akashic records. Healing — Treats lung and limbs and rectifies degenerative disorders. Anandalite Aurora Rainbow Divine Bliss from Himalaya Enhances self awakening and helps fulfill ones destiny and true potential. Brings joy and happiness; eases disappointment. Works on all Chakras energy centres Aids connection to your higher knowing. Healing — Energy Vibration healing throughout the whole body.

Angel Phantom Amphibole Brazil Used to make contact with the higher realms and angelic beings. This crystal has a beautiful sweet energy that resonates strongly with the higher chakras. A smooth, peaceful energy that helps you to let go of negativity and keep a positive outlook. Helps you to speak your truth, become more compassionate. Enhances astrological understanding. Healing — Unlocks mericlians when put at the feet. A diuretic it is useful in weight control. Antigorite variety of Serpentine Stimulates the structure of your life.

Releases negativity from the body. Activates your intuition. Assists in the removal from the etheric body, attachment from yourself to another. Brings change and positive loving energy to all things. Healing — Spinal alignment, correction to cellular disorders, releases toxins from the body. Enhances your sensitivity to earths energy and your connection to the planet.

Prevents emotional and physical burnout. They occur naturally in these odd shapes. Legend has it that when the Apache were outnumbered, rather than be captured they jumped off the cliff to their deaths. The women of the tribe cried dark tears of grief, which fell to the earth and formed these shapes. Healing — Strengthen the body and immune system. Helps you to assimilate Vitamin C and D. Reduces toxins in the body and calms muscle spasms.

Apatite — Calcium Phosphate A stone of manifestation. It increases motivation and builds energy reserves. Clears confusion eases tension, anger, apathy and sorrow. Overcomes emotional exhaustion by clearing negative beliefs about oneself. Healing — Heals bones, encourages formation of new cells. Suppresses hunger and raises metabolic rate. Heals glands meridians and organs. Apophyllite Stone of truth. Releases suppressed emotions. Assists Reiki healing by taking the healer out of the way so that the healing energy is purer.

Healing — Works on respiratory system, rejuvenates eyes. Helps the soul come to terms with the physical body. Apophyllite Red Activates life force with great joy and excitement, a zest for living life to the fullest. Helps people who are unsure about staying here in the physical by stabilizing this lifetime, increases the will to live. Heals emotional and physical disappointment. Supports those with low energy eg. Chronic Fatigue. Harmonises surroundings. A good fortune talisman. Brings tolerance of others. Support when feeling overwhelmed. Breaks old self-defeating patterns. General tonic counteracts short and long sightedness.

Aragonite This stone teaches patience and acceptance. Encourages practicality and discipline. Enhances concentration and provides support to overcome anger and stress. Calming and stabilising, it restores balance when everything feels out of control. Healing — It combats disease especially twitching and spasms. Heals bones, elasticity to discs. Strengthens the immune system. Grounds when there are feelings of not being here. Aragonite Blue Intuition stone of the heart.

Helps you to express yourself clearly and without fear. Good for seer-ship it helps you to connect to your guides. Use to enhance your meditation and spiritual development. Arsenopyrite Good for sorting out emotional situations. Helps you to make decisions from the heart not the ego mind. Astrophyllite Russia, Norway, Colorado This stone illuminates your true self. A tranquil and honest stone, it allows you to make major changes so you can move forward. The marriage stone, it promotes fidelity and truth between partners. Helps those who have had past lives in Atlantis or extra-terrestrial realms to regain past knowledge.

Healing — Helps addictive behaviours. Atlantasite — Australia Earth healer bringing peace into the environment. Removes debris from old damage and negativity. Dissolves blockages. Clears and aligns all chakras. Helps you to access out of balance energies and let them flow through your body. Lowers stress levels. Good harmoniser of disputes and brings joy into the physical. Healing — Good for cellular memory, stress, blood disorders, diabetes and hypoglycemia, helps to keep kidneys and stomach healthy.

Blood strengthener. Good for the chronically ill. It has a very high and intense vibration. Releases negativity from emotional and physical bodies. Relieves stress and depression. Calms anger, cools fever, attracts wealth and allows your inner beauty. Balances Yin-Yang energy. A protective stone, brings healing and grounding to all bodies. Magnifies all energies and magic.

Re-focuses you when you are feeling powerless and unfocused. This stone holds the fire elements and the creative, rising from the ashes like the phoenix. Powerful healer on all levels: physical, emotional, cellular, psychological and spirit. Brings body into balance. Bestows us with unconditional love. Uplifts your mood. Dissolves anger, brings serene and peaceful state. Repairs auric holes. Healing — Pineal gland, stimulates immune systems and soothes burns.

Helps communication with Angels. Accesses Akashic records. Strengthens physical body and memory. Stone of happy dreams. Clears negativity, especially in negative relationships, by allowing you to see your part in the play, so you can release and move on. Stimulates the throat, third eye and crown. Stone of magic, aids in manifestation. Enhanced sense of well being.

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Indium gets its name from Indigo. It is said to be the missing link in reversing the aging process. Helps to correct mineral deficiencies. Healing — Improved blood pressure, weight-loss. Aura Titanium Smokey Titanium molecules are bonded to the quartz by natural electro-static charge of the crystal. It is one of the strongest of all metals, it will never rub off or fade. Good for creativity, removing blockages. Strong connection to Devic kingdom. Great within gardens. Tape to mobile phone, protects against emanations. Defuses negative situation to positive.

Stabilises ones mind stimulates creativity. Calms anger and irritation so you can live from your heart. Promotes sense of well being. Axinite Helps to submit gratefully to changes. A very good grounding stone, inspires friendship by stabilizing all relationships. Provides a light at the end of the tunnel when all is dark. Healing — Adrenals, muscular systems.

Aligns vertebrae in spine and assists mending breaks and fractures. Brings creativity and mental stability. Allows you to communicate freely. Opens your perspectives. Raises consciousness to higher levels. Encourages new perspectives and clearer understanding. Expands the mind and releases blocks in communication. Stimulates memory, clears stress, worry, grief and sadness allowing light into any situation. Challenges programmed belief systems so you can move forward without fear.

Healing — Throat problems, arthritis, aligns spine, restores the brain to normal function. Teeth, thyroid, aids detoxing, overcomes muscle cramps. Bismuth Stone of transformation and change. Helps to prevent you from becoming overwhelmed by all the responsibilities and at the same time increases your energy levels. Relieves feelings of loneliness or isolation. Encourages joint ventures by helping in group or relationship dynamics.

Healing — Reduces fevers, recovery from illness and surgeries. Bivalve Clam or Oyster Enhances creativity. Helps you to understand when to speak and when to not clam up. It teaches us to only do what we need to do now. Helps to shed unnecessary baggage. Enhances courage, relieves stress and calms the mind. Encourages a positive outlook on life. Relieves anxiety. It can re-awaken love in a troubled marriage.

Healing — Aids the elimination of organs, strengthens pulmonary and circulatory systems, helps build resistance to toxins. Treats liver, heart and stomach. Heals concussion. Black Star Quartz Hollandite Reach for the stars- for they are already here- in you and me. We are the stars that have fallen to the earth and have forgotten why we came here.

Unlocks secrets that are held deep within. Also called the crying stone because it releases blocked tears. Helps us to find and get our feet on our pathway. Allowing us to shine our star light. The Hollandite is an inclusion in Quartz when heated during the crystals formation, bursts to for a six sided star.

Bloodstone Enhances physical and mental vitality. Brings clarity to all situations, wisdom and courage. Helps to calm aggression and violence.

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Dispels confusion and helps decision making. Reduces irritability, aggressiveness and impatience. Powerful revitaliser when exhausted mentally and physically. Healing — Cleansing for all organs, helps iron deficiencies, circulation and bloodstream. Detoxifies liver, kidneys and spleen. Neutralises over-acidity. Supports blood, helpful in cases of Leukaemia. Blue Quartz Helps to remove fear and reach out to others. Calms the mind, inspires hope. Healing — Good for all organs, purifies bloodstream and strengthens immune system.

Overcomes blockages, protects and grounds when feeling out of touch with being here. Together they balance and ground your subtle energy. They clear blocked emotions and heal hurtful memories. Stimulates the flow of energy in the meridian systems of the body. Also brings your attention to your patterns and repressed energy. Healing — Heals energy blocks, relieves pain, encourages tissue regeneration. Increases energy when low. Realign chakras, repairs holes in auric field.

Brandenberg Helps you to realize that you are perfect as you are right now. A master healer, it is the most powerful healing crystal on the planet. It does all you ask and more. Restores balance to the physical, emotional, mental, ancestral, planetary, karmic and spiritual levels. Healing — Returns core vibrational pattens that have gone astray.

Aligns all systems of the body. Twelve strand DNA activation powerful karmic cleansers that reprograms the brain to new energetic patterns, resets your immune system. Brookite Helps you to flow with the moment, especially when the situation is intolerable. Also helps you to understand the belief that has created the situation and to correct it.

Energises other crystals and the environment. Dispels lethargy and apathy, promotes new energy towards creative activities. Healing — Treats debilitating conditions, circulation, under activity in regards to fertility. Cacoxenite one of the super seven crystals Raises the spiritual awareness of the human race.

It takes on the different energies according to its host crystal. The realization that everyone has a divine spark. Promotes the highest good in all situations.

Crystal Unicorns

Healing — Assists with cell disorders, thyroid, hormonal imbalance, tumours, warts, moles, and good for whole body healing. Removes stagnant energy. Combats laziness and gives encouragement to move on. Good for clearing the mind and unblocking old thoughts. A study stone, held or placed on your desk when wanting to remember.

Healing — Cleans organs, encourages calcium intake, fortifies immune system and skeletal structure. Calcite Cobalt Sphaerocobaltite It is a stone of unconditional love. Helps you to make friends. A stone of joy. Releases buried emotions. Brings clear communication. Encourages positivity and dispels negative energy. Transforms ideas into action. Nurturing energy which allows you to mother yourself. Calcite Green Dissolves rigid beliefs and old patterns, restoring balance. Helps you to move from a negative situation to a positive.

Stimulates immune system. Absorbs negativity and removes bacterial infections. Soothes anger. Healing — Arthritis, constriction of muscles. Cools fevers, burns and inflammation. Calms adrenals. Calcite Honey Enhances a deep state of relaxation and meditation. Expands your energy and sense of self. Also read Calcite. Calcite Mangano Ideal 1st crystal for a baby.

Reassuring when mother or care giver has to leave. Put with photo of family if estranged. Allows yourself to be vulnerable. Good for adoptive parents, medical staff who care for premature babies and sick children. Healing — Absorbs pain, good for premature babies. It is said to be the Reiki stone as it goes to the area that needs the most healing. Calcite Optic Iceland Spar This crystal amplifies images and heals the eyes. Helps you to see the double meaning hidden behind words.

Reduces tension that can cause migraines. Excellent cleanser of the aura. Amplifies energy so that your energy cannot be destroyed or used by others. It represents time, eternity and evolution. Calsilica Rainbow Chihuahua, Mexico Mysterious Wonder Stone A protection stone, it draws all its healing energies from the colours of the rainbow.

Encourages the flow of ideas and promotes confidence, also inspires creativity. Wearing near the heart will balance emotional disharmony. Healing — Strengthens and balances the heart muscle. Balances blood sugar levels in all diabetes. Helps all blood disorders. Gives you an acceptance of the cycle of life. It gives courage motivates for success in business. Helps to trust yourself. Powerful protection against greed, envy, resentment. Calms anger. Improves parent — child relationships, restores trust after abuse.

Regulates body fluids, kidneys. Improves absorption of vitamins. Cats Eye Amplifies good luck and happiness. Stimulates intuition and awareness. Provides protective energy to the user. Healing — Increases vision especially at night. Relieves headaches. A stone of inner truth and clear insight. Soothes the emotions and calms frayed nerves. Cavensite usually grows with stilbite, this combination provides a calming influence and inner peace. Also helps you to drift into sleep when you are having a restless physical and thinking time.

Helps to overcome confusion, lack of direction and hopelessness. Healing — Stimulates the endocrine system, especially the pituitary and pineal glands. Good for migraine or headache triggered by stress. Promotes purity of heart and attracts good fortune. Assists conflict by bringing peace and harmony to a situation. Teaches trust in self and the universe. Healing — Treats disorders of the eyes and ears, eliminates toxins and soothes and relaxes muscles tension and calms mental torment. Helps you to see where you are from, why you are here and your task this time around.

Teaches flexibility and how to take responsibility, relieves tension and anxiety. Balances right and left brain. Healing — Treats insomnia, mental disorders, provides strength and renewal to inner organs. Excellent stone for vitality for those experiencing disease. Good for travel, reduces jet-lag. Chabazite Helps to still the mind. Transforms negative to positive. Brings balance in the times of stress. Lessens the strength of addictions so you can reclaim your true self. Enhances endurance, perseverance and tenacity. Healing Sore muscles, obesity, hormone balance, thyroid.

Chalcanthite on Quartz Copper Eliminates the feeling of abandonment and restraint. Helps with a smooth flow of communication in all situations and to make choices that will enhance your desires. Healing — Treats arthritis, reduces presence of free radicals. Cleanses arteries, alleviates water retention.

Brings harmony to the mind, body and soul. Changes depression to joy, self doubt to self-sureness. Powerful cleaners for all parts of the body. Healing — Powerful cleanser, lessens the effects of dementia. Increases physical energy, balances body, emotions and heals eyes and bones. Enhances empathy and compassion. Allows you to remain calm and not worry over minor issues and brings clarity of thought. Healing Dementia. Chalcopyrite Enhances abilities of perception and helps you to find lost objects.

Removes energy blockages, helps to achieve no Mind when meditating and to maintain this state. A stone of the mystic, bringing information for the self and others. Healing — Treats disorders of the brain, relieves pressure of tumours and growths. Helps the lungs, lessons fevers, reduce inflammation and promotes hair growth.

Chalcopyrite Bornite Brings freshness and newness to your life and the ability to enjoy happiness in the moment. Helps to release what is no longer useful. It is a stone of happiness. Provides insight to obstacles that are blocking your progress. Assists you to recognise that there is no need to have deficiency in any aspect of your life. You are the one who can create what you need.

Healing — Treats cellular metabolism, flow of adrenaline, balances over acidity. Assimilates potassium, eliminates fevers and swelling, brings balance to an unbalanced body eg. Gout etc. Charoite Encourages change, deep physical and emotional healing.

Helps you to accept the present moment as perfect. Releases deep fears, and worry. Mentally it helps you to make decisions. Healing — Regenerates when exhausted, heals eyes, heart, liver, pancreas. Bestows deep sleep. Gives you vision for the bigger picture. Aids the free flowing energy through the body. Good for a sad or weak heart. Healing — Regenerates cells. Chiastolite Cross stone Powerful protective stone, used in ancient times to ward off ill wishes and curses.

Dispels negative thoughts and feelings. Helps the process from life to death. Dissolves illusions and calms fears. Releases worn out patterns and conditioning. Clears feelings of guilt. Healing — Lessens fevers, increases blood flow, and heals rheumatism and gout. Stimulates lactation for nursing mothers. Repairs chromosome damage, balances immune system, fortifies nerves. Helps you to stay centred in the moment. Inspires and energises.

Teaches us to remain childlike, fun-loving and innocent. Strengthening character, it overcomes bigotry, ignorance, narrow mindedness and jealousy. Encourages showing more love to the world and in turn receiving more love in your life. Healing — Treats the skin, skeleton and eyes. Helps release toxins and dissolving growths.

Stabilising effect at home, work and self. Reverses feelings of guilt to joy and encourages self-awareness and inner balance. Gives a feeling of personal power. Reduces mental tension so you can keep a cool head. Healing — Treats arthritis, bone disease, muscle spasm. Detoxifies liver, kidneys and intestines. Regenerates pancreas, regulates insulin. Excellent for women, treating PMS and menstrual cramps. It makes us look at that we might still be coming from our egos and how to come from our hearts. It also helps us to trust ourselves. Healing — Detoxifies liver, aids gout, eye problems, balances hormones, releases nightmares.

Chrysotile If angled into the light it is possible to see ancient writing inscribed within that links us to ancient knowledge. It clears away debris from the past. A stone of integrity and self-honesty. It shows where you are trying to control other and helps you attract what it is you desire. Corrects imbalances and blockages when placed over the thymus. Healing — Chronic fatigue, inflammation, multiple sclerosis, coughs and emphysema. Supports throat, brainstem, veins and arteries. Good for business and finance. Called the merchants stone, place in the cash box, it is said to increase the income of your business.

Assists you to acquire wealth and maintain it. Promotes the acceptance that everything is as it is meant to be. Healing — Disorders of the blood, strength to the body, flexibility in movement, helps treat weight problems. Citrine Stone of Abundance. Powerful cleanser and regenerator, energizing, creative, opens intuition. Teaches how to manifest prosperity, all that is good and how to share. Helps to go with the flow.

Overcome fear. Healing — Stimulates digestion, spleen, pancreas, increase blood circulation, detoxifies blood, balance thyroid. Works on all levels of self. Healing — Master healer, immune system, brings balance to all. Clear Quartz Chloride Green A powerful positive healing stone.

Eliminates toxins and helps assimilate Vitamin A and E, iron and magnesium. Powerful pain killer. Clear Quartz Inclusions The inclusion in Quartz represents the many inclusions in ourselves. If one of these crystals finds you, then let it help you to discover who you are.

Using this crystal for meditation can help you to become one with all that is, was and will be. It brings peace by aligning all aspects of mind, body and being. Clear Quartz Phantom Has ghost like image in crystal. Clipsol — Orchard, Orange Calcite Stone of promise, grounding, comforting. Works in the here and now, while keeping your feet on the ground. A very stabling stone in all situations. Encourages you to step forward not backwards. Raises energy levels, improves motivation.

Healing — Clears depression. Eases menstrual discomfort. Improves reproductive health. Helps to keep us grounded so that we can speak from the heart. Strengthens our control over our minds. Stimulates psychic abilities, removes energy blockages while increasing your energy field. Brings love into our lives by healing your heart. Healing — Stimulates cell renewal. Copper A stone of optimism, diplomacy and independence. Dispels lethargy, passivity, restlessness. Brings luck and bestows good fortune.

Brings light to barriers that are on our path. Helps you to make decisions for the better. Healing — Stabilises flow of blood in the body, increasing circulation. Cleans wounds and fights bacterial infections. Stimulates the metabolic process. Balances chemistry of the blood and cellular structures. Allows you to feel safe from harm. Relieves nightmares of monsters and demons. Release old thought forms and beliefs that no longer serve.

Coral Red Utah Garden of the sea. Prevents ill fortune. Brings prosperity, practicality, respect for your life path and luck. Protects from depression and despondency. Healing — Hiccups, colic, heartburn. Treats disorders of the cellular structure of the kidneys, bladder and parathyroid. Disperses negative energy and past blocks. Protection for fishermen, sailors and children. Symbol of wealth and prosperity — house luck attraction, touch every door and window in your home or office.

Gives inner strength and vitality. Good for pregnant women, child birth and a healthy baby. Covellite Opens doorways to past lives. Promotes positive thoughts. Can transform dreams into reality. Expands intuition and connects you to your guardian angels. Healing — Breaks down blockages on all levels. Re-aligns cancer cells so they become clear. Crackle Quartz Superheated and colour infused.

Promotes fun and joy in your life. Helps you to be responsible for your feelings and to realize that only you can change how you feel. Lilac- assists spiritual development. Blue — overcomes speech and hearing problems. Green — helps to earth and comfort a person who feels uncomfortable in their body. Yellow — Assures the child within that it is OK to believe in yourself.

Orange or Red — stimulates creativity and the playful child within. Pink — heals an abused child, by gently drawing out the pain and replacing it with love. Grounding energy, helping you to connect to Mother Earth. Soothing vibration, making you feel that all is well in your world. Helps you to discover past ancient times so that you can know how this relates to your life now and what your purpose is in being born in this time. Cranberry Aura Brings the scarlet ray of energy. Makes us feel secure, successful, rich. Connects to the spiritual world. Can be used as a talisman and enhances communication between individuals, teaching us to listen as well as talk, respond not react.

Cross Crystal X Crystal Grows at right angles to another. Looks like 2 matchsticks lying across each other. Stone of equality, unity, harmony and acceptance, each is free to follow its own growth and destiny yet remain together supporting each other. Brings understanding in partnerships and relationships, allowing each to grow and become themselves and yet remain a united family unit.

Promotes peace in a family of strong will and views. Healing — All conflict, mental, spiritual and physical. Danburite Its brilliance comes from cosmic light. Provides us with serenity and eternal wisdom and is good for change — leaving the past behind. Stimulates the third eye and crown chakras. Promotes ease, patience and peace of mind. Healing — Clears allergies, detoxifies, treats gallbladder and liver. Aids muscular and motor function.

Place by the bed, this stone will help the dying on their journey. Dendrite Stone of Abundance. Enhances friendship, harmony, love and helps you to see the relationship connection. Initiates independence and motivation, so you can attain personal freedom. Releases trapped emotions, bringing calm.

Provides strong yet delicate connection to all things, so you can find your path. Healing — Removes toxins from body, stimulates vision, soothes nervous system and helps recovery from addictions. Desert Rose — Barite Enhances a calm atmosphere and teaches you to enjoy every moment. Helps you to stay calm during misunderstandings and problem solving. Also helps you to prioritise when there is more than one situation happening.

Diopside Black Star Stimulates mind and the intellect, good for academic learning especially mathematics. Allows you to understand all aspects of yourself. Provides humility and respect for self and others. Healing — Used in the treatment of physical weakness and psychological disorders. Good for runners, it eliminates spasms and stitches during a run.