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To produce this edition, a high-resolution scan was made of the original art, a tempera on paper. The edition was produced on an Epson Pro large format printer using Epson UltraChrome K3 Pigment Ink Technology, resulting in brilliant, velvety color and offering excellent longevity and durability.

Online color appearance may vary slightly depending on your monitor settings. Chance Encounter encompasses a collection of artists and artwork that embody a spirit of spontaneity, celebrating the unexpected. This element of fortuitous surprise manifests in the unusual ready-made materials and forms presented in this exhibition.

In the right hands, paper pinwheels, broken glass, and wooden ladders transcend their associated references becoming wholly new creations. Artists Megan T. We have a dedicated site for Germany.

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Editors: Kapadia , Ramesh, Borovcnik , M. Throughout the world, school mathematical curricula have incorporated probability and statistics as new topics.

A Chance Encounter at the Ship's Rail

There have been many research papers written on specifIc aspects of teaching, presenting novel and unusual approaches to introducing ideas in the classroom; however, there has been no book giving an overview. Here we have decided to focus on probability, making reference to inferential statistics where appropriate; we have deliberately avoided descriptive statistics as it is a separate area and would have made ideas less coherent and the book excessively long.

However, in his exposition of didactical phenomenology, Freudenthal does not analyze probability. Thus, in this book, we show how probability is able to organize the world of chance and idealized chance phenomena based on its development and applications.