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If you do not want to do the first part of the puzzle, go to the following TB to take a short cut. Magical city in Florida is an anagram of this famous one named soccer football player from Portugal. His jersey number. Carbon 12 and Carbon 14 are called this as are Uranium and Uranium If you get beat up you can be battered and this 7 lettered word. A 2 word anagram of this word is a famous basketball player who played many years in Seattle. If you drink 1 can of Budweiser and 1 can of Coors you have have had 2 types of this 5 letters. A famous Super Bowl winning quarterback is an anagram of this.

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You press on this to slow down your car. An anagram of this is an anagram of this long time MLB player and manager.

Padres trade pitcher whose name contains all the letters in 'San Diego Padres'

He has done both for more than 15 years including playing and managing the Giants. His jersey number as a player 2 digits. Additional Hints Decrypt. What are Attributes?

Is there a hidden meaning in the words? CRAIG BROWN reveals the celebrities born to be an anagram

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I can stop asking my oh-so smart husband "What do these letters make? Suck it, Trebek! Do you happen to have an app? If so could you send me a link? All the best of health and happiness in the New Year! It is so helpful. Good job ". Keep it up ". I'm a marketing and social media consultant who also loves to play Scrabble.

I find it amazing that it has been in use for over 10 years. Thanks to everyone. Eg abcdefg to give word cabbage ". Found every word I needed : P. S :I"m a Directioner I had to put it in there :p xx ". I learn new words, see letter combinations in a different way and always enjoy the instant results. You have 16 letters.

Perhaps that's why it didn't work? All of the other "pieces of garbage" are actual words that appear in dictionaries and are legal for use in competition Scrabble. I don't know why it didn't work for you. None of the others are as good ". Lol ". I'm looking forward to exploring them. IMHO, the value of word scrambles and word find puzzles as homework is suspect.

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They may help with spelling, I suppose, and definitions in some formats, but appear to have little to offer in terms of helping students better understand and apply concepts. So, if using your resource helps students complete "busy work" assignments more efficiently, hurrah for time management! It's been shared with others who "get stuck". My daughter calls it my word cheater, I call it assistance when necessary!

Very easy to understand the results and we love it! Thanks so much! I seem like a pro playing scrabble online. This site is my little secret weapon. Helped me get extra credit in school with brainteasers! Bookmarked, shared and enjoyed! Thanks for letting us smile and conquer a difficult homework. Googled "word finder" and came here because of description, "find words for poetry. Wonderful site!!! I've bookmarked it and will come back when I need words while writing poetry. Thank you!

I always wanted an Atari Transputer.

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Had the ST line and loved it for it's day. You've shared your talent and have helped a lot of people. Blessings to you. Thank you. Great site - crypto doer paradise ". Because of the way I wrote the code, it may not list every combination of the same two words it finds. Sorry about that. I'm always trying to come up with ways to improve the code so I'll give that some thought. Brain freeze, helps to thaw it. It wasn't shown in results I just tried it and it works. Otherwise, it tries to unscramble it as a single word.

It also unscrambles as "coed caretaking" and "certain dockage". My computer beat your computer. I will use the site in the future when I am up against it!! The first word list contains all of the officially allowable Scrabble words. The second word list is for spell checking documents. There are many obscure words that are not in either list.

I am working on additional word lists. If you entered a valid email, I'll let you know when it works. Otherwise, it tries to find those three letters next to each other. Didn't you have the "any order" box checked to find "Octahedral"? Its Freakonomics.

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That explains why it wouldn't be in either word list. The math for doing searches and unscrambles on word lists with , words or more is pretty intense. Add to that the popularity of this page and the server might sometimes lag a bit. That being said, I might move the comments to another page if the list gets much longer. Thank you!!

Thx to all those guys and girls that helped to create it! It was just me, lol. Did you find this page randomly?