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The reach of radio was enormous.

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Mass communication and entertainment could reach Americans within their own homes, and capitalized on by business advertisers, artists, and politicians. But the reach was not equal demographically or geographically. While telephone subscriptions and movie attendance dropped slightly during the hardest years of the Great Depression, radio sales increased.

It was a cheaper form of entertainment and rarely worth selling used. There popularity grows over the radio, which eventually helps them get pardoned in the end. Bank robbery, as paradoxical as it may be, has been glorified and cherished in American culture. The Depression fueled bank robbery and criminals like Bonnie and Clyde, whose stories provided real-life melodrama during the hard knock Depression, excited the public.

He was gunned down and found dead in Illinois on November 28, The invocation of a slightly more obscure criminal was probably also used to promote the general theme of American legendry during the era. The movie depicts Nelson as being a lone ranger robber who gets captured and marches off to be executed by electrocution near the movies end. Most young black southerners of the blues generation worked as migrants, circling from farm to city getting various low paid jobs.

Many of the first Mississippi blues musicians came from farming families, often returning to that work after a few years.

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But depending on the venues and their audiences, successful musicians like Robert Johnson sometimes earned more money on a Saturday night than a week of plantation work. Stories of a Faustian agreement sprung up around well-known, and short-lived Robert Johnson, but that legend supposedly originated with an earlier musician named Tommy Johnson unrelated. The beneficiaries are likely to be those citizens with disproportionate influence and power in the political process, including large corporations and development firms.?

Who voted for the influential fat-cats who wield political power? Who voted with the down-trodden, average Americans? Where are those elected champions of Average Americans when it comes to this ruling? David Holcberg of the Ayn Rand Institute wrote in part of this ruling:??

If a person does not want to sell his property, he should not be forced to do so. In those countries the people are bony and malnourished. In those countries there is no democracy and the rulers steal public money and abuse office.

America, where art’thou now?

In those countries there is no groove. Some of us who are on the side of America feel sorry for those countries. We feel America should use her great power to correct things, and ensure the citizens of those countries also enjoy what America and her friends enjoy.

A glorious opportunity to do just that presented itself this week. And America missed out on the opportunity.

America, where art’thou now? | The Citizen

This lost opportunity, to me, is a manifestation of loss of American power. I saw the opportunity coming. I watched in dismay as the opportunity went, and America did nothing. I am not an apologist for dictators and their ilk. Wherever they are, they must be smoked out, driven from office and put on trial. Only America is capable of that. But like I say America has failed us.

I watched as that little tyrant from Iran arrived in Sims to visit his fellow dictator. There they were, enjoying all the pomp and ceremony of office and insulting America. How dare they insult America? Anyway they lounged, clinked champagne glasses and exchanged notes on the latest torture methods to use against their opponents whose only crime is to agree with America.

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If America was still great, it would have pounced on those tyrants, arrested them and carted them to the International Criminal Court. America has let us down by not arresting those two dictators when they were in one place and when they could have been arrested without a single shot fired in anger.

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Oh America, what have you done to us? Why did you let us down when Ahmadinajab and Old Man were comparing torture notes in Harare this week?

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America is you still a great nation that takes care of t. View the discussion thread. Sunday Standard.