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To the right is a collection of customizable boards. You just decide how you want to put each board to use, then drag and drop emails from your inbox into the appropriate sections to keep everything organized. Once an email is in a board, it appears as its own card, which can then be dragged up or down to adjust its position and priority.

You can also create standalone tasks that have those same options and act pretty much like emails, only without any associated external messages. That opens the traditional Gmail inbox interface with some Sortd bonuses sprinkled in, such as a native-looking snooze command and a side panel that lets you view and manage your Sortd boards. For now, at least, this is primarily a tool for desktop-based organization. Sortd also offers paid team subscriptions in which boards can be shared among multiple users.

If so, Gmelius is the add-on for you. Like Sortd, Gmelius works via a browser extension and a series of permissions for access to your Google account, but it supports more browsers: Chrome , Safari , and Opera. Gmelius has some useful privacy-related options, too, like a system for detecting and blocking message trackers and a one-click link for unsubscribing from any list-generated email. You can snooze just five messages per month, for instance, and schedule only five emails per month without having to pay. Notes are also limited to five per month on the free plan.

The aptly named Simple Gmail Notes does just one thing and does it well: It allows you to attach private sticky notes to any email for your own personal reference. The notes appear above the message in the Gmail web interface and next to the subject line in the main inbox view. The add-on works via a Chrome or Firefox extension and stores all your note data within your own Google Drive account, so no third-party servers are involved. Every note is saved as a file in Drive, and you can even search Drive yourself to find any in-note text.

With the Gmail Notes Chrome extension installed on your desktop computer, you can highlight any text within an email, and a box will appear with a field for contextual comments. Type in whatever you want, hit save—and your note will then show up in blue alongside the original text. You can even edit your note later, should the need arise. And while the Gmail Notes add-on is Chrome-specific, any annotations you make with it will remain visible anywhere else you sign into Gmail, including the Gmail mobile apps. You can create and perfect a message there, then simply click that button to beam your work into a new draft in Gmail.

How to Optimize Your Gmail for Productivity

That introduces another valuable option: By working on drafts in Docs, you can easily collaborate with other people while composing a message. What used to be a business tool, or a technique used by a niche of power users, is now common and even enforced in a new wave of email clients.

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Emails are generally tracked via an image called "pixel-beacon", or "tracking pixel", which is usually just 1px wide and invisible. As soon as you open an email, this image is downloaded by your email client, which silently sends some personal information — like your general location and the…. My choice of macOS hasn't always been obvious.

I remember using a Windows PC when I was 14, and seeing my father using this weird colored iMac G3 and thinking that it probably lacked all the apps I wanted to use, and that it wasn't worth giving it a chance. But then the more I used Macs, the more I fell in love with them.

5 Gmail helpers that make your inbox more productive

It has a lot to do with reducing friction: it feels like a perfect OS in this regard, making most daily operations smooth and fast. Adding the right apps to the mix, you're set…. We've got a very exciting update for you today! Boxy Suite 2 is here , our biggest update since the original launch.

We've been working hard to make Boxy Suite more powerful and versatile, following users feedback and adding much requested features. More than active users already love Boxy Suite, but we feel like this update brings the Suite closer to our original vision. There are tons of…. Unfortunately, the time has come: Inbox by Gmail is shutting down. This means that Boxy, our macOS client for Inbox, will stop working. Inbox was a revolutionary service that reshaped how people think about email and gave us the idea and opportunity to start something together, and for that we will always be grateful.

Built-In Gmail Extensions

We sold Boxy to more than So you can imagine how we…. Francesco , February 18, As you may know Inbox by Gmail, the revolutionary email service launched by Google in , will no longer be available starting from March, Many of us, myself included, loved Inbox and are now looking for a replacement. While there are some very good email clients out there, I found myself using Gmail more and more and being surprised by how good it is now. Trips One of my favorite Inbox…. Francesco , January 21, We had a huge backlog and a long roadmap ahead, so it feels good to finally have the time to take the products where we want them to be.

3 Awesome Gmail Extensions to Boost Your Productivity

For example, Boxy for Gmail finally has a beautiful onboarding to greet new users and guide them through some of the main features. It used to be that the only way…. I've had the honor to be interviewed by Indie Hackers! It gave me a chance to finally go deep into how Boxy Suite was born, how it's growing, and what it took to get where we are now. It really felt like this was a good time to think about all the months mostly nights and weekends spent working on Boxy Suite with Francesco, all the struggles we faced and what we've learned so far.

It's not easy to put everything together but I surely did my best. You can read the full interview here. If you've shipped a product and you're growing a userbase, you probably know how hard it is to find the right customer support system.

Set tasks and manage productivity

At first, you just reply within minutes to every email you get, but then it gets tiring and if your product is even mildly successful, handling support can become a pain. For years, we used Zendesk to receive reports and comments about Boxy , our classic Inbox by Gmail app for Mac. When building a much bigger product, Boxy Suite , we soon slowly realized that….

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